The Resurrection of Email Marketing

Yep that’s right email marketing is making come back!


Email marketing once was a very popular form of physical marketing before social media boomed! Brands have been relying on social media as one of their main forms of digital marketing. Yes, social media has helped many brands succeed in the digital world, but now digital marketers are taking a look at the cold hard facts, and surprisingly email marketing is proving to be the more effective option!

Now let’s take a look at some fun email marketing facts from Upwork!

  • Globally 2.6 billion users have an email account! This is almost 1 billion more users then Facebook!
  • Habitually, people check their emails before checking any other social media notifications on their phone!
  • Email has a higher click through rate then any other social media platform!
  • Finally, email is proven to have better ROI

These cold hard facts show us how effective email marketing can be for brands! Digital marketers are starting to look at the numbers , and many have realised that email marketing has the potential to be very successful! But why? Email is easily accessible! Emails can be checked on your commute to work or whilst you wait for your morning coffee. Secondly, a lot of people prefer email as a mode of communication. Email is seen to be professional and official! The consumers receiving your emails are loyal to your brand. Consumers opt in for emails from brands and therefore usually take an interest in reading it’s content! Emails can be tailored to suit each individual recipient through personalisation and customisation. This allows brands to provide each different consumer with something of value!

Even though we all get annoyed by the copious amounts of irrelevant emails we receive each day and sometimes fall prey to spam, we just can’t avoid them! It’s time for brands to bring back tradition & get on board email marketing once again!

How effective do you think email marketing is? Do you know of any brands that are smashing their email marketing campaigns? Tell me below!




Story Time!

Once upon a time brands began focusing their digital marketing strategies around this idea of ‘story telling’. To do so brands have taken to the story feature on Instagram!

Stories are a great place for brands to provide their consumers with new, creative and never seen before content. Instagram stories are a successful way to reach your current followers and even attract new ones…if your story is popular enough!

Instagram stories are a fantastic platform for content marketing! It is a fun and engaging way to promote a sale, show consumers behind the scenes, run engaging promotions and connect with your followers. Its all about using this platform to share your creative content with the world and connect with people!

Here are some examples of brands killing it with Instagram stories!

J. Crew asked their followers to vote on a colour through Instagram Stories (Taken from WWD).


Bon Appetite Magazine shared their most popular recipes from 2016 on their Instagram Story (Taken from Sprout Social)

It is essential for brands to get on board this Insta story trend as us consumers expect them to, and secondly it is an opportunity for brands to target consumers with creative content! Digital marketers need to embrace Insta stories! Having branded stories appear at the top of your follower’s Instagram feed helps the brand stay in the consumers mind – which is absolutely gold! Instagram stories are a great way to reach your target audience in the right moment with fun and valuable content! I believe Insta stories are here to help brands build awareness and further engage their consumers!

I want to hear from you! What brands do you think effectively & successfully use Insta stories? And, has a brands Instagram story ever driven you to make a purchase?



Content Marketing – Does it Pass the Strawberry Test?

Content marketing is all about brands creating and sharing engaging, creative and fun content online through various platforms to stimulate consumer interest and drive profitable consumer action.

Here are some examples of successful content marketing by brands & celebrities!

Red Bull
Red Bull delivers valuable and engaging content to their consumers by live streaming popular events from all over the world.

Lana Del Rey
Lana launched a massive campaign through Tumblr to spread the word about her new album “West Coast”. The campaign featured different pictures and gifs of herself.


Preview of Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast” Campaign (Taken from Tumblr)


Beats by Dre
Beats use their branded Instagram page to deliver their followers fantastic visuals, short videos, sporting commentary, celebrity photos and much more. It gives their fan access to behind-the-scenes – they love it!

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to get your brand noticed whilst delivering valuable content to your target audience. This is why content marketing is becoming popular today. But of course it isn’t that simple! Us consumers have a really short attention span and really have no time or interest in ads anymore. Secondly, we are bombarded with copious amounts of ads every single day! So, how can brands make sure that their content is grabbing our attention?

Well, according to Forbes the answer is the Strawberry Test!


Forbes believes that successful content stems from three different traits: Inviting, bite-sized and healthful.

  • Inviting: content must be enticing and stimulating so that viewers decide to keep reading and watching.
  • Bite-sized: content needs to satisfy and do so quickly!
  • Healthful: People will invest if they believe they are getting something that is of value to them! The more valuable the content, the more chance it has of going viral.

Brands need to ensure that their content meets these requirements so they can deliver value to consumers and develop a successful content marketing campaign that goes viral (for the right reasons..hopefully)! The benefits from doing content marketing well, are crazy – from increased brand awareness, strong consumer relationships, greater credibility, loyal customers, increased website traffic, increases engagement, generates more leads, increases sales & much more!

Tell me about a brand that has really impressed you with their content marketing!




Influencer Marketing > Digital Ads

Everyday I scroll through my Instagram feed and I am bombarded with posts by lifestyle bloggers telling me what protein powder I need to buy, how I can whiten my teeth at home, to sign up to get this months new FabFitFun box…. my god the list is endless.

Khloe Kardashian promoting this months new FabFitFun Box (Taken from Instagram)


Tammy Hembrow for Women’s Best Protein (Taken from Instagram)

To put it simply influencer marketing can be defined as using social leaders to promote your products and services, and deliver your brand’s message to a large market.

As we all know social media influencers are currently the most popular digital marketing trend!

But, according to Forbes influencer marketing is on the rise and is set to jump ahead of digital ads.

So why are social media influencers such a popular form of digital marketing?

Firstly, consumers love it! As people, we trust those that we admire and look up to. If your favourite celebrity is recommending you try this new quick slim shake, chances are you probably will buy it because you trust them. Secondly, influencer marketing is everywhere! It makes use of a large variety of channels. From social media channels such as Instagram and Snapchat, to video marketing on YouTube. In this day and age ad blockers are becoming increasingly popular. Social media influencers is one way that digital marketers can actually by pass these advertising barriers. Influencers have the ability to reach a large audience and increase brand exposure. Finally, many brands are getting on board social media influencers as they cost less, are extremely effective and most of the time generate a pretty generous return on investment.

It is clearly evident that social media influencers are an extremely effective form of digital marketing. Therefore it is not surprising that influencer marketing is set to replace and take over from digital ads. So whether you love it or hate it influencer marketing is here to stay!

Have you ever made a purchase because of influencer marketing? If so, tell me about it below!



Was Coachella the Biggest Marketing Event of 2017?

Everyone’s heard of Coachella right? Well that’s exactly why it is a marketers dream!


Coachella Music Festival (Photo taken from The Press Enterprise)


It is only the biggest musical festival in the world. Trust me there is no better place for a marketer to promote their products to young trend setters.

Every year hundreds of brands rock up to the music festival with their photo booths, cool displays and free giveaways to gain awareness and promote their products. They market differently! At Coachella it is all about social influencer marketing opportunities for brands. There is no better way to get your brand out! Festival goers and crazy famous celebrities become aware of your brand, but they also promote it by taking photos for their Instagram accounts, or sending Snapchat’s to their friends with your branded geo filter! Its free advertising and digital marketers love it!

Sephora is a great example of a brand who smashed it at Coachella 2017. There marketing campaign and display was engaging, interactive, creative and different! Festival goers were able to trial and sample new products, take photos in front of their Sephora branded backdrops and much more. People went crazy for Sephora which meant that social media was flooded with photos of their amazing setup.

A photo of Sephora’s setup at Coachella 2017 (Taken from mediakix)

Whilst the brands at Coachella have some impressive marketing tactics, Coachella’s own marketing campaign is very smart and engaging itself.

Coachella is very secretive and strategic when marketing their upcoming festival. They are slow to release information, and every piece of information has it’s own release date. This marketing strategy gets consumers wanting to know more and creates this crazy overwhelming hype about Coachella… and that’s when we all begin to here about it! But hey, then FOMO kicks in and next thing you know, you are going to Coachella!

However, Coachella’s successful marketing strategies don’t stop there! Coachella’s strong presence on social media, celebrity influencers, blogs and advertisements are just unbeatable. They know what they are doing and they do it well!

So, what do you think other brands can learn from Coachella’s very successful marketing campaigns?






Could a Sneaky Snap Send you In-Store?

Lookout Facebook and Instagram! Snapchat is looking to become your next business advertising contender!

Snap is launching a new location based product that lets their advertisers see if their ads increase foot traffic in-store.

So how does Snaps new location based product work?

It collects and looks at the number of people who go to a store within one week of seeing a Snap mobile add.

Many big companies have trialled Snaps new ad product and let me tell you the results are fantastic!

A great example of this would be Wendy’s. Their Snapchat ad generated some whopping foot traffic! 42,000 people visited one of their restaurants within seven days of viewing their Snapchat ad. How crazy!

Wendy’s took to Snapchat’s new ad product to promote their new jalapeño chicken sandwich. Wendy’s Snapchat ad mainly used sponsored geo filters. This was a great move by Wendy’s as their ad engaged consumers and encouraged them to send Wendy’s branded Snapchat’s to their friends.

A consumer embracing Wendy’s geo filter! (Taken from Business 2 Community)

Snapchats new ad product also allows advertisers to analyse and collect the data that is generated from their ads. The dashboard gives advertisers access to information like location, age and gender.

So, how can Snapchats new ad product be put to use by digital marketers?

Digital marketers will be able to measure the success of their ads by analysing the foot traffic that is driven in-store. Foot traffic is a great measurement of sales success! As it literally tells you how many people came in-store as a result of viewing your ad. This new feature also provides marketers with very valuable information about their consumers which includes their age, sex and region. This information can help marketers more accurately target their consumers and develop more appropriate and effective strategies. Finally, Snapchat is a great platform for marketers to advertise on as it reaches large audiences and encourages consumer engagement and content sharing.

So bring it on Snapchat!

What do you think? Do you think seeing a Snapchat ad has the ability to get you to go in- store?




Digital Marketing & Spotify

As consumers we are now streaming music more than ever!

With approximately 100 million users Spotify is one of the worlds biggest music streaming services. This is something that digital marketers urgently need to take advantage as this is a massive missed opportunity! Well, Spotify may have the answer with their new Spotify for Brands!


But what is Spotify for Brands? It is a new feature that allows & pushes brands to engage their fans using new social features. One of Spotify’s new tools is called “Branded Moments”. This new feature enables marketers to share content over Spotify with their fans suited to the right moment. After analysing user data and insights Spotify can identify what listeners are doing throughout their day, allowing marketers to bring their fans value at the perfect time!

Spotify is encouraging brands to embrace and get on board this new music streaming trend! Spotify is pushing for brands to create new & engaging marketing strategies using their services.

A great example of a brand that has embraced this new trend & got on board Spotify’s new social features is BMW. When BMW released their new 320i they teamed up with Spotify to create a ‘Great American Road Trip’ playlist for their consumers. BMW created this playlist to raise awareness of their new car through unique music experiences.

bmw for spotify
A snapshot of BMW’s Great American Road Trip Playlist taken from Spotify.

There are many ways that brands & digital marketers can use Spotify for Brands to engage & attract consumers. A great example would be if a company has just hired an artist to be the new face of their brand, it would be a great marketing strategy for the brand to create a playlist of the artist’s work to then share with their consumers. This would not only engage consumers, but they would feel as though the brand was providing them with some free value. Furthermore, this would then help foster & develop positive relationships between the brand and the consumer.

The power of music is immense! Knowing what your consumers listen to on Spotify will allow digital marketers to understand how people are feeling & what they are doing! Spotify and music is a fantastic way for marketers to connect & further deepen relationships with their current & future consumers of the brand.

I would love to hear how you think digital marketers could use Spotify for Brands?